Our Tips to Celebrate May: National Meditation Month

The following are breathe bar's 10 tips to celebrate National Meditation Month this May:

1. Sign up for a ‘Mindfulness 101’ class.  If you take 4 classes this month, you receive a free on demand session to meditate on-the-go in our compassion corner.

2. Read a book about meditation.

3. Start a meditation group.  breathe bar is happy to host you!  Email us at: info@mybreathebar.com to get started.

4. Gift yourself private meditation instruction.  We offer 1-on-1 classes to customize a meditation plan just for you.

5.  Gift 2 friends a meditation class or book to share the love, and support their practice.  Our Friends & Family membership helps you meditate together.

6. Commit to a regular practice in May – – once a week, twice a week, daily.  Set the intention and then do it.  If you stumble, be gentle with yourself and just pick it up again.  No judgment.

7. Recruit a friend to be your meditation buddy to keep each other accountable and share challenges, successes, and tips.

8. Try a different style – chanting or mantra or sound - or incorporate a new tool, such as crystals.

9. Get outside. Meditate in nature – a park, a beach, a forest, a field.

10. Study the science behind meditation.  The Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a great place to start.

Good luck and see you on the cushion!