Spring Cleaning: Tending to Yourself

With the arrival of Spring this month (yay for March 20), I’ve been thinking about how a change in seasons can lead to shedding the heaviness of Winter (literally and figuratively!) to create space for an an influx of new energy and ideas, an internal spring cleaning of sorts.

For me, new energy often comes from connecting with new people — and the past couple weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible clients from Knoll, who provide the products for ergonomic workplaces, to support a healthy workplace.    Their investment in their people and their clients has inspired me — it’s always rejuvenating to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for well-being. I’m coming into spring refreshed and excited, with new ideas for tackling goals ahead.

Tackling goals, especially those which require heavy lifting, can inspire confidence and bring out the best in us; however, let's be honest, they can also be exhausting and draining.  The process can be more manageable by taking extra care to tend to yourself with these tips:

Increasing the frequency of your meditation sessions. 

It can be tempting to slack off when time gets extra tight, but connecting with your breath has real benefits, including clearer thinking and improved focus.

Get better sleep.

Too often racing thoughts and our to-do lists interrupt a good night's slumber, and we wake up feeling exhausted.  Experts recommend keeping your bedroom's temperature on the cooler side, and not checking electronics 1-2 hours before bedtime, in fact even banning them from the bedroom.  Some natural remedies are drinking chamomile tea a couple hours before bed, and for extra support, this homeopathic sleep aid works wonders.

Prioritize fun.

It is easy to get tunnel-vision when we embark on achieving a new goal - lots of work and little play.  It is important to schedule "time outs" where you unplug, and engage in those activities which are just fun - they could be a painting class, reading a good book or watching Netflix (Babylon Berlin is so good).  Taking time for you means taking time for some fun too.

Happy Spring!  Enjoy this season of tending to you!