Go, Cubs, Go!!

We have baseball on the brain.  Learning the backstories of the players (we loved hearing about the friendship of the Cubs' Javier Baez and the Indians' Francisco Lindor, dating back to their childhood days in Puerto Rico) has reignited our interest in the MLB.  As we enjoy the World Series, it may not seem like professional sports and meditation are a natural fit.  However, many professional athletes and coaches, from Phil Jackson and Steve Kerr to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, have been vocal about their use of meditation techniques to hone their inner game. 

One of the common elements they share is George Mumford (pictured below), who teaches mindfulness.  He's the author of The Mindful Athlete:  Secrets to Pure Performance.  In the book, which applies to athletes and non-athletes alike, he suggests asking yourself a challenging question each day.  For example:  Where do I hold my stress in my body?

Mumford says that as you learn to practice listening deeply to yourself and your body, you can listen better to others.  Listening without judgement nor interruption is one of the best gifts we can give each other.

Whether you're new to meditation and want to start "feeling your breath" or if you have an established practice, come join us at our ScentMed series, starting November 1.  We'll be creating personalized essential oil blends, made by you based on your needs (i.e., energy, calm, focus, etc.) that can enhance your meditation practice.  We hope to see you!  In the meantime, you can find us on Facebook for our latest news.

Kelsey Kreiling