• What is meditation, and what type do you teach?  In short, meditation means focused awareness.  We like this definition from Psychology Today, "Meditation is the practice of turning your attention to a single point of reference. It can involve focusing on the breath, on bodily sensations, or on a word or phrase known as a mantra. In other words, meditation means turning your attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing on the present moment."  The meditation we teach is not affiliated with any particular faith or belief system. Our sessions encompass breath work, body awareness, mantra, visualization and affirmations.  Meditation is a practice, not a belief, that we believe is an essential tool to foster well-being.  To read more about the science of well-being and meditation, we highly recommend the Center for Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Do you offer studio classes?  No.  We bring meditation to your organization (workplace, school, etc.) to provide a customized meditation experience for you and your group.  Email for more information.
  • What should I wear for meditation?  Dress in layers.  We recommend loose fitting, comfortable clothing.  Ladies, avoid skirts as you'll be in a seated position on a cushion. You can meditate in your "street" or "work" clothes - no special wardrobe needed.
  • What should I expect during and after meditation?  You may feel very relaxed or sleepy, or difficult emotions may arise.  Every person has a different experience with meditation.  We recommend drinking a lot of water after you practice, and to talk with your teacher after class to address any specific issues.