Below are some examples of classes that can be offered at your work place, school or any other site of your choosing through breathe bar at work.  Email us if you're interested in booking a private class for your group.

Rise & Shine

As we begin our day, let’s start with an intention.  In this contemplative class, you learn how to live with intention, based on what you are encountering in the present moment.   A wonderful way to start your day!


This Class include relaxation exercises, breath work & breath awareness, mindfulness, visualization, guided meditation, working with energy centers (chakras) in the body and incorporating mantras. Slow down your thoughts, de-stress, and connect to the present moment. 

By inducing deep relaxation, you move below the surface mind into the quiet space of the deeper mind gradually flowing into a higher level of awareness and peace. You are guided in the ways to easily practice meditation on a daily basis.

Meditation of the Day

Our “meditation of the day” features a 30-minute meditation of your choosing, followed by 30 minutes of open sit, where you are welcome to stay or go depending on your schedule. A great "pop in" sampler class.

Rain Shining

Release what no longer serves you and replenish with the infinite light of source. Walk away refreshed and grounded after this easy guided energy clearing meditation. 
No experience necessary.
Fidgeters welcome



These classes are designed for meditators who want their own "personal trainer for their mind" with a customized plan to support their goals through meditation.  These individualized sessions are available 1-on-1 or as semi-private (up to 3 people) sessions.

Meditation for Parents

This class will give an extra dose of TLC to all the parents out there, and provide guidance to boost self-care.  When parents fill their cup, the whole family benefits! Here they learn how to incorporate a meditation practice into their daily schedule, which allows parents to better bring everyday contentment into their lives.

Breathe Bar

For the inquiring minds, curious souls & skeptics who want to learn more about meditation, this talk will give an overview of breathe bar, its classes and teachers, and provide time for Q&A with breathe bar’s founder, Sylvia Maldonado.


ON demand Meditation

We understand home or work are not always the best places to meditate.  We also don't want you to miss out on meditation if you're unable to attend a class.  Relax with an on demand meditation customized for you by our friends at Aura. These mood-based guided meditations run either 3 minutes or 7 minutes and are designed for meditation on-the-go. 

Mindful Flow.png


Mindful Yoga simply is the conscious connection we make between the breath and the body. In this hour long gentle flow, we move through physical poses while incorporating breath work. We will be purposefully moving through a set of poses that will help quiet the mind and bring a sense of well-being and calmness to our whole body. This class is for anyone who wants to harmonize body and mind. Yoga can be a great stress reliever and taking time out of our busy days can do wonders for our mental and emotional well-being, leading to a deeper awareness of ourselves and what we need from moment to moment. Please bring your own mat.